It may be summer right now, but school will be here before you know it!

Why not avoid some of the September shopping chaos and look at purchasing a few supplies ahead of time. Here is our Top 10 List of items students need for back to school.

  1. Backpack
    • A good quality backpack is essential for students of any age. Look for one that’s adjustable and comfortable for your child’s size. If they plan on bringing their laptop or iPad to class, don’t forget to look for one with a durable pouch to hold the device.
  2. Lunchbox
    • Keep lunches organized and backpacks mess free. Let your child pick something fun and funky to show off in the lunchroom.
  3. Healthy Snacks
    • Fresh fruit, cheese slices, and granola bars are go-to options. Don’t forget to consider any allergens your child or their school mates may have!
  4. Loose leaf paper or notebooks
    • You never know when a sheet of paper will come in handy. Whether it’s for writing, drawing, or impromptu airplane making, paper is always important to have on hand!
  5. Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
    • These are must-have tools for students! Stock up and keep a supply at home for when the odd ones inevitably start disappearing during the school year!
  6. 3-Ring Binder
    • A classic 3-ring binder will help your child stay neat and organized. You won’t be lacking for options either with so many colours and patterns to choose from!
  7. A Change of Clothes
    • In case of spills or accidents at school, it’s a good idea for kids to carry a change of clothes with them. This way the old adage stays true – no one has to cry over spilled milk.
  8. Pocket tissue packs
    • No one likes being stuck with a runny nose or sticky fingers. Ready-to-go tissues can be a life saver!
  9. Travel-sized Hand Sanitizer
    • Schools can unfortunately be populated with both kids AND germs! Touching locks, washroom handles, and bus seats can all leave unwanted bacterial beasties behind. A bit of sanitizer in these moments though can go a long way.
  10. Student Accident Insurance
    • The majority of schools in Canada do not provide accident insurance coverage if your child is injured – whether that’s on school grounds, during an after-hours sports game, or a class field trip. But we all know that accidents happen. So why not stay prepared with a student accident insurance plan! Manitoba Student Accident Insurance offers 3 plans for parents to choose from, all of which provide 24/7 coverage! For more details, visit our Compare Plans page.