About Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance, underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada, is designed to help provide parents/guardians with financial peace of mind against the possible expenses they could face if their child is involved in an accident.


For over 50 years, we have been offering student accident insurance solutions to thousands of Canadian families. Our program is founded upon the values of quality products and excellent customer service. These values motivate our dedicated team of insurance professionals to continuously improve the service and products we offer. Our mission is to not only meet your possible financial needs, but surpass your expectations of what a student accident insurance plan can do to financially protect your family against accidents.

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About Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada (“Old Republic Canada”) prides itself on being one of Canada’s long-standing insurance organizations.

“Our policyholders know us best by how we handle and communicate our claims service. It is this service and professionalism that sets us apart from competitors.”

Old Republic Canada (opens in a new window) is a Canadian federally licensed Property and Casualty insurer, with their head office in Hamilton, Ontario.

They are focused on being an industry leader in the manufacturing and administering of customized, private-label products for distributors of student accident and travel insurance as well as the underwriting of long haul trucking insurance.

Their strengths lie in their high quality products, customer service, and integrated administrative/claims capabilities developed from decades of supporting Canadians.