Due to the ongoing pandemic, you and your family are probably spending more time at home now than ever before. So, while you continue to live, work, play, or otherwise navigate your life at home, it’s important to review the safety of your living space and ask yourself if you and your family are protected from at-home accidents.

“Each year, emergency departments across Canada see more than 20,000 children with injuries that occurred at home. This means that, every day, approximately 55 young children suffer injuries in the home serious enough to be taken to the hospital.”1

Luckily, many at-home injuries can be prevented.

What are the common causes of injuries for kids?

Falls, burns, poisoning, and choking are some of the most common causes, with falls representing more than half of all injuries!1


It could be a slippery spot in the kitchen or bathroom, toys or shoes left out in the hallway, or running down the stairs too quickly.  These things can cause falls, but can you prevent them?  Yes.  Keep floors and surfaces clear of obstacles and consider installing guards, gates, handrails or other safety measures in certain areas of your home where you think a fall could happen.

“While most falls in children don’t cause serious injury, nearly 4,000 children from birth to 9 years were admitted to a hospital as a result of a fall in 2018/19. This makes falls the leading cause of hospital admissions from injury in those ages 0 to 9.”2


Burns happen most often in the kitchen. Make sure to protect your child from any flames, hot surfaces or hot liquids. Other things to have caution around include fireplaces, heaters, candles, and heated hair tools.


Medications, cleaning supplies and other dangerous substances should be kept out of reach from kids.  As they grow up, kids become able to reach higher cabinets and areas of the home, so keep in mind that you may need to change how you store these items. You may need to secure them with locks and latches.


Remind kids that eating too fast or too much can result in choking. For very young children, remember that dangling cords or strings of any kind, like from a window blind, can also be a choking threat.

Safety Resources

For some great tips and advice on how to keep your home safe, check out the links below:


To sum up, by establishing safety rules, staying prepared and reviewing safety tips like these, you can help stop accidents before they happen and enjoy your time with family at home sweet home.



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